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Monday, November 10, 2008

welcome Prof Ghauth!!

ha, memandangkn ari selasa ni NC baru kite akan lapor diri di um, mari kite knal die dgn lebih dekat dulu...

Prof. Datuk Ghauth Jasmon was born in Batu Pahat, Johor on 1st of November 1956. He is the Founder President/ CEO of Universiti Telekom now renamed as Multimedia University (MMU), the first private university in Malaysia located in Melaka and Cyberjaya.

After completing his MCE in 1974, he was offered a JPA scholarship to further his studies in the United Kingdom in Electrical Engineering. He graduated with a First Class Honours Degree in Electrical Engineering in 1979 from the University of London.

Upon completion of the Bachelors Degree, he was offered 2 scholarships to continue his studies to the PhD level, one was a tutorship from the University of Malaya and the other was the Drapers Scholarship from the University of London. He chose the tutorship, as his ambition was to contribute to the nation after his studies. He researched in the area of Power Systems Engineering and was awarded the PhD degree from the University of London in July 1982 and thereafter he returned to Malaysia to serve the University of Malaya.

His career began with the appointment as a lecturer in the Department of Electrical Engineering at the University of Malaya in 1982. He was appointed the Head of the Electrical Engineering Department in 1986 to 1988. Based on his research, publication and consultancies, Prof. Ghauth was promoted to the rank of Associate Professor in 1989 and to full Professor at the University of Malaya in 1992.

In the same year, he was appointed as the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and held the position until August 1995. During this period as Dean, he introduced the Built Environment Programmes in the University of Malaya namely Degrees in Architecture, Land and Quantity Surveying and also several new Engineering degrees such as Materials, Telecommunication, Manufacturing and Environmental.

Based on this track record, Prof Ghauth was appointed the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Development) in August 1995. In this position, he was responsible for the physical development whereby he secured financial allocations from the government and managed the construction and renovation of many buildings and physical infrastucture for various faculties and centers in the University.

Prof. Ghauth was invited by Telekom Malaysia to set up and build Universiti Telekom in October 1996 and commenced duty as University President in December 1996. In March 1997, the Malaysian Cabinet instructed the university to build the Multimedia University in the heart of the Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC).

The Cyberjaya Campus in the MSC as envisioned by the Prime Minister was to act as a catalyst for the development of the MSC analogous to the role of Stanford University in the Silicon Valley. Both campuses in Melaka and Cyberjaya were registered as the Multimedia University in 1999.

As of January 2006, the Multimedia University has more than 20,000 students and 1,500 staff in both campuses, having 7 faculties and one Foundation Centre. Currently the Multimedia University has international students and staff from 77 countries and collaborates with many international companies and agencies.

As an academic, Prof. Ghauth has contributed extensively in research and in the Engineering Profession before taking up the position of the President of the University. He has researched in the areas of Power Systems Analysis, Network Analysis, Voltage Stability, System Security and Neural Networks Application. These and other works have been published in 30 international journal papers, 45 conference/seminars, and other publications.

He has also been involved in many professional engineering committees and activities especially in the IEE (UK) and IEEE (USA) and was formerly a Secretary General and Vice President of the Association for Engineering Education in South East Asia and the Pacific.
He was currently has been awarded with the highest post from Melaka state with Darjah Mulia Seri Melaka (DMSM) carrying the title ‘Datuk’ by Yang Dipertua Negeri Melaka, Tun Khalil Yaakob.



mmsy87 said...

eh..electrical engineering?..eheh

asma'_comey said...

g la wat tesis ngn die mat..

me myself n i said...

dari mule2 perlantikannye.. asyik tertanye2 difikiranku..
die ni malay ke? apkah agamanya?... hmm


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