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Friday, August 29, 2014

My Pregnancy Attempt Part 2

Assalammualaikum wbt,

My last post about pregnanct attempt was on May.. so this is the end of august..lots of things happen and it is hard for me to put it all here..ok here goes..

after 1st attempt of clomid and injection failed, we try to make another appointment with lppkn. however, my doctor was not around for the whole week! so no treatment can be done with her that cycle. me and husband was so frustrated as it is crucial to follow your cycle day in order to start treatment. for not wasting any time, we decided to switch doctor. and after consulting few friends, we choose Dr Adilah Ahmat from Pantai Medical Centre, Bangsar. Making appointment with her is easy. just call her nurse, Nurse Ida and try to pick a date that suitable for you to meet her. but it is recommended to come on the day before your ovulation date (which is day 10-12).

We are so excited at the first appointment as she is a consultant in infertility and expert in ivf! and she is pretty too! xoxo..

that appointment date we met, she reviewed all my data from lppkn and some of it she feel irrelevant and not precise. but as the test were new, she had to trust with the results. that cycle we done nothing much except she ask for blood work for vitamin D level. and the result came very frustrating. my level was very low and this can mess up with infertility. Vitamin D is crucial for development of follicle. and it is usually found on sunlight, as we muslim women seldom got enough vit D as we tend to cover ourselves more. so, doc presribe me with 1000iu vitamins D to be taken twice daily until the level reach normal value. we wait for the next cycle to start our clomid journey.

the next cycle, doctor prescribe with 100mg clomid only for 5 days. doc refuse to give along with injection as lppkn does because she wanted to see my ovary respon to clomid only first. however, that regimen for that cycle fail. no follicle were big enough for ovulation to occur. so the next cycle, doc prescribe 100mg clomid for 7 days and to start early (usually clomid start on day 3 of period, but this regimen, we start on day 2) and the result looks promising! we got 1 15mm follicle size on day 13 of period. we were so excited as this is the 1st Big follicle i had! doc said that maybe it is because of the long regimen of clomid or it is because of Vitamin D supplement that i took for almost a month!. so we wait for another 3 days for the follicle to fully grown to 18mm and above. however, after 3 days, the 15mm follicle didnt grew at all. doc assume that maybe because of the small cysts i got around my ovary that block the growth of the follicle, no space for it to grow. doc cant do much to enhance the size, so we pray for it to grow and we try to conceive naturally again that cycle.

on the next appointment, we asked her the treatment option for me as if we continue taking clomid, we still expect for the same result as no room for my follicle to grow. she said that the best option is to do ovarian drilling. this drilling will help to minimize the cysts around my both ovaries and she also can see clearly what happen inside. however we dont have any insurance covered for that surgery as it will cost about RM15-20k T_T.

but, my optimistic husband said that money does grows on tree, we can find that 20k! inshaAllah. so, for now we stop treatment for a while and focus on saving for my surgery. huhu.. sapo nk boli kete den, roger k.. ahahaha..

let's do the best and hope for a miracle to happen.

May Allah ease our journey. we need your du'a guys!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

My Pregnancy Attempt Progress

Assalammualaikum..it's been 4 months since my last post..

and it's been 4 months since our attempt for fertility treatment at LPPKN. so, what happened between that 4 months? ok this is the review~

this first month we are under assessment phase where we husband and wife will be examine physically and chemically (yeke?) to indicate our health status. body weight, blood work, semen analysis, womb scan, etc. these examination were done by the staff nurse there and the scan were done at other facility as no womb scan or to be specific, HSG scan available at LPPKN.

still undergone assessment as my menses came drastically and we have to re-do the assessment all over again.

1st appointment with Doctor. after revealing all the test results, doctor give us treatment options. and 1st treatment were done. what are the treatment? ok basically doc will start on basic fertility drug, which is clomiphene citrate. mine were given clomiphene citrate 100mg OD for 5 days together with Inj Puregon 50iu EOD for 3 days. Puregon contain Follitropin beta that act as FSH hormone in your body. since my body lack of hormones that is essential for follicle development, i were given both clomiphene and follitropin. after that you will be given a date to monitor your follicle development size through trans vaginal scan. the size of follicle must reach certain acceptable size for ovulation to occur, which is around 18mm and above. after several scan and extension of follitropin for another 2 days (which i were given total of 5 follitropin jab), the follicle didn't respond at all. the biggest size were 10mm. so, this cycle treatment consider fail and we were advised to try to conceive naturally (without any further intervention from doctor) and wait for my next cycle to start over a new treatment regimen.

Total Treatment Cost so far: RM983
Average treatment cost per visit: RM200

ok that's all for now. i'll update more on my progress on my other blog. if you interested to know more, just comment below and i'll give you the link of my other blog. :)

till then, bye.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

What you should expect from a marriage?

Assalammualaikum wbt,

this is to my dear babe yang dah lame xbukak blog since kerja, apatah lagi since kahwin. dan untuk my bestfriend sri yang nun pjj dgn hubby kat putrajaya :)

Waktu awal perkahwinan macam2 kita impikan untuk jadikan rumah tangga kita da bomb among others kan. well, after a year of marriage, byk perkara kami belajar antara satu sama lain & ini antara yang kita kena expect dalam ruamh tangga kita.

ini tersangat lah kena sedar diri dari awal sebab masa mula2 kahwin dulu kita akan rase pasangan kitelah paling sempurna dalam dunia ni. yelah segalanya baru dan masih terbuai2 hangatnya cinta tukan..hehe..ok, then bila something happen yang kita xjangka dr pasangan kita, kita akan mudah kecewa, dan kita akan blame pasangan kita tu, padahal, mcm lah kita ni perfect sgt kan...

ade pasangan yang dikurniakan rezeki sejurus selepas kahwin, alhamdulillah, but ade je yg tunggu bertahun2 baru dpt baby. anak ini satu rezeki dr Allah. cuba bayangkan, kita penat2 kerja dan dpt gaji akhir bulan. itu kalau mkn gaji, klu bisnes? lagi lah mencabar, kena tunggu balik modal dulu baru dpt keuntungan.. ye x? mcm tu jgk lah ngn rezeki ber anak ini. kita kena usaha dulu, cukup bulan inshaAllah Allah bagi lah tu. saya mula2 kahwin dulu mmg excited nk terus pregnant, tp klu pregnant tu mcm boleh beli kat mall, saya sanggup hutang kredit card berjuta2 untuk preggy, tp semua ni kan kuasa Allah. Dia lebih tahu.

sebelum kahwin mungkin kita ramai sgt girlfriends (or boyfriends..errr)..yang jadi tempat kita nanges, hangout, kutuk, marah dsb. but after marriage, most of our friend wouldn't dare to interrupt us anymore (T___T) i dont know why. rase dah ramai kawan baik hilang, atau sy yang menghilangkn diri kot, entah (i miss my girlfriends). but the best thing is your spouse will replace all your friends. dialah tempat kita ketawa, nanges, marah, tampar (eh) dan dia akan berusaha untuk wat kita happy, special, dan tak kesunyian. He will be your everything. setiap sesuatu yang indah tu perlu pengorbanan kan..

contohnya kita nk jadi surirumah paling rajin didunia, nak masak setiap hari, nk lipat baju setiap hari, nk sapu rumah setiap hari dan dlm masa yg sama berjaya pergi balik kerja dengan muka senyum gembira. ok this is mengarut je. realitinya jadi surirumah sgtlah penat lagi2 klu berkerjaya. masak sekali seminggu je, lipat baju time dah xde baju nk pkai dan balik rumah dpt senyum time nasib baik xpenat kerja..huhu.. tu belum kira nak ajak husband wat household chores lg tu..sama ada boleh wat kata sepakat, wat jadual duty roster ke or berperang pinggan mangkuk semua..hahaha..well it's depends ;)

well, ini yang ketara lah yang saya boleh tulis. ade byk lagi sbnrnya tp kebanyakkan xleh publicly tulis kat sini..hehe..kena alami sendiri ok kwn2 :)

till then, happy marriage to my dearest Amirah Izzati & Albark, dan Nur Sri & Usaid. May Allah guide our marriage towards Jannah.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Assalammualaikum wbt,

Hari ini saya nak kongsi dengan kawan-kawan mengenai insurans.

Insurans secara asasnya adalah sama, tak kira whichever company mana yang jual.
Akan tetapi, saya nk share pasal Insurans yang dijual oleh company Prudential.

TAHUKAH ANDA Takaful adalah produk insurans yang syariah-compliance?

TAHUKAH ANDA anda boleh menginsuranskan anak anda seawal 20 minggu usia dalam kandungan? (PRUmyChild)

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Marriage and Sakinah

Assalammualaikum wbt,

Alhamdulillah, nikmat Allah mana yang kamu mahu dustakan?

setelah hampir 1 tahun berkahwin, baru faham erti ketenangan.

selama bujang, hati sangat tak tenang, nk ibadah terganggu, wat kerja tak senang, fikir soal hati yang ntah tak sudah..

kali ini, baru paham nikmat beribadat bulan ramadhan, menyambut erti kemenangan dipagi raya dengan sebenar-benarnya kerana tiada lagi "dosa ringan" yang sering menghantui diri.
Raya korban kali ini pun baru dapat nikmati indahnya puasa hari wukuf.

Ya Allah, banyak dosa ini, tp kasih sayangMu masih di sisi hamba ini.

wahai remaja2 sekalian, betul kahwin itu bawa ketenangan hati, tiada lagi perasaan resah gelisah, tiada lagi mimpi2 indah yang tak sudah. tapi, hakikat berumahtangga itu lagi besar aspeknya sebenarnya :)

Thursday, October 10, 2013

The 5% People

Assalammualaikum wbt...

Suatu masa dahulu, ada pernah dengar satu ceramah dr Prof Muhaya yang mengatakan, di dalam dunia ini, ade 5% sahaja golongan yang tak suka kita.

Walau hakikatnya % die sangat kecil, tp kdg2 ia memberi impak yang besar dalam hidup.

yelah, yg 5% ni lah yang menegatifkan setiap tindak tanduk kita, semua yang kita buat ade je yang tak kena di mata mereka.

Jadi, jangan biarkan golongan 5% ini mempengaruhi hidup kita! biarkanlah mereka dengan aksi mereka, tak ada faedahnye kita melayan kerenah mereka. kan portion 95% tu lagi besar kan? buat apa nk fikirkan orang yang boleh jatuhkan kita kan? yang penting, bila kita salah, kita minta maaf, dan teruskan hidup dengan letak mood 'ignore' je untuk golongan ini.

macam mana nk mengenalpasti golongan 5% ni? secara obviousnya, mereka datang mungkin dari orang2 yang terdekat dengan kita, eg: keluarga, kawan2 rapat. dan yang paling penting, hanya mereka sahaja yang menidakkan perbuatan/tindakan kita, orang lain rilex je. huhu.. jadi, di situ kita boleh pin point sebab semua ini terjadi, kemungkinan besar bukan salah kita sbb golongan 5% ini sahaja yang xsokong.

Jadi, keep them away as much as possible and do more good deeds as it will make you feel better about yourself, inshaAllah.

Cehhh, semakin jadi bisness women ni, semakin banyak musuh ke? haha.. xde lah, mungkin kne lebih positif untuk menerima segala apa cabaran lepas ini. Asma' ni nampak je kuat, tp dalam hati meleleh org xtau..huu..

btw, sapa tak like fb page saya lagi, sila like dan anda berhak menuntut 5% diskaun pada setiap pembelian saree tu ye. like di sini-->SAREEMAZ

Monday, September 9, 2013

Fat, fatter and fattest

Assalammualaikum wbt,

I'm getting Fatter than Fat! OMG!

in about a year, my weight increase 5-6kg! that's insane!! last sept 2012, my weight was about 54 and now, it was nearly 60!! this is not logic!

orang kata lepas kahwin xpe naik badan 4-5 kg, sbg preparation untuk pregnant.. but, until now, badan naik tapi xpregnant, so xleh jadi ni! huaaaa

Thursday, September 5, 2013

It is not about the money

Assalammualaikum wbt,

Pagi ini hujan sangat lebat. hampir banjir jalan nk ke Westport, tapi alhamdulillah selamat sampai office. pagi-pagi sangat mengantuk dan itu adalah sangat bahaya ok! (please stay awake Asma'!)

Baru-baru ini kita dikejutkan dengan kenaikan harga minyak (atau pengurangan subsidi) disebabkan oleh defisit yang negara kita alami. hutang yang sangat terbeban memaksa rakyat untuk membayar hutang.
Ok, post ini bukan pasal politik. tapi realiti.


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