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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

toronto road trip

niagara falls



us's side of niagara

canada's side

so, as midwest game cancelled 3days before the date *BIG sigh*, we replaced it with a road trip to toronto. 17 manusia, 2 kereta+1 van 3days 2 nights. tentative: niagara falls & canada wonderland. lodging: holiday inn, 50dollars per night divide by 6 girls. quite a good deal i think :D so, here we go. pics will just explain everything

the best coaster!! tallest, fastest & biggest,


reversed coaster

i had like around 10 rides at wonderland. wohooo byk gile roller coaster, ade gak yg miss sebab x larat gile and the park closed at 6. sempat nek 2 round je behemoth, ingt nak dok depan skali for the 3rd ride, skali x sempat :( might consider going to wonderland again ;)
itulah keje saye for this summer, nx is going back home!!! yeyyyyy
korang sume ape cer? buat ape summer hols? mok amacam projek ko?

1 comment:

asma'_comey said...

bestnyee g niagara falls!!!mmg teringn sgt2 nk g!..waaaa..
projek? best2..tp ade sad things gak.. :(


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