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Thursday, April 21, 2011

random post

let's make a random post here...
mood: wake me up when september ends -> click for this theme song b4 you read this post..heh..

i'm currently 'reading' a note for my next week paper, but my mind is not here..
ntah la, lately selalu terawang2, pergi ke sana, pergi ke sini..
fikir itu, ini,
i don't know why my self is not responding to any logic command like 'study!' or 'sleep!'
i found myself insomniac for the past 2 days.. and when i wanted to close my eyes, I felt afraid of what will comes ahead.
times pass by so fast, but not this week.

it's thesis submission week btw..
and last monday i helped rus for her lab work. i know it's weird...but i like to do lab work even i'm NOT interested enough to choose it for my project. (i rather seat in front of my comp constructing website..huu)
however, the job was fun. i'm ended up doing the hardness test for her 235 tablets (or more) sambil watching gokusen on my lappy..haha...
(hardness test is to test on what pressure (in newton) will the tablet breaks. you just need to put a tablet in the machine and push a button, the the machine will crush the tablet and the reading will showed up, as simple as that)

and, ya my thesis project (waa.. why am I writing this!)
after my 2nd draf was checked by my SV, i need to do some changes, not much actually. and that's makes me worried, because i know i didn't do it all-heartedly (ade ke word ni). so, i decide to peek on duang's and amirtha's work, and i'm guessing right. my work is worst! waaa.. i wanna cry... i checked and rechecked... and i realize.. after all these months, i didn't do my project well. i left out many important point as a researcher.. hish... so, that night, i try to re-do my writing, edited certain part and adding some info.. i'm very frustrated that i'm not doing my best for my last assignmnt as a student. i hope after re-editing process, it will turned out good (my 3rd draf is still with my SV, so, i cannot predict what will be her comment on that)..

(ok, i suddenly didn't hv any thing to share write here) (see, i'll become blank all of a sudden if i talk about my thesis!! haha)

erm.. let's see..
ya! i donated blood last week! it nothing much right.. but i'm really excited about it! i dont know why, i just like to do it.. it feels positive and refreshing after each time I donate them.. and I nazar to donate blood again if I manage to graduate unofficially this may.. insyaAllah... (but my next blood donation will be on 12th Julai...huu)

i think i stop here, coz i really had nothing to write.... for now (i want to write a lot i think but my mind won't let me share them here)

good luck in what ever you do your upcoming exams my friends..


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