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Friday, November 30, 2012

The date

Assalammualaikum wbt..
Alhmdulillah, today is Friday, and Friday always is a very blessed and cheerful day, as tomorrow will be holiday! I mean, not just a weeknd, but holiday! Hooray!! I’m heading back to johor today, inshaAllah.. my flight will be on 1830 depart from airasia terminal kota kinabalu and estimated to arrive on 2030 at senai airport, JB..

Hahh.. actually, yesterday and today was a very tiring day.. i need to welcome all those heads of enforcement officer all over Malaysia, to sabah as they’re having a technical meeting here. Eventually it was a very hard day, but i enjoyed being with all my workmate, running errant.. like conducting some sort of important project during uni time! Huu
And yes, i’m writing this @airasia airport, Kota Kinabalu. I arrived here at 4.30pm. with no cash at my hand as i forgot to withdraw money before coming here, and that maybank atm machine that cannot function, same as the hsbc atm, nothing else to do. Huu.. so, how about i tell you something important today? Hehe

InshaAllah, my solemnization with Mr L will be on this coming Saturday, 8 dec 2012.
So, why are you guys aren’t received any invitation card yet? Well the trick is to not invite any guess yet, except for relatives and close friends of mine and my family and also L’s. You guys just need to come to our reception, inshaAllah on 26 Jan 2013, at Kg pengantin hall.. oppss invitation card is not ready yet. I’ll upload it as soon as possible kay! Sorry...huhu

So, this is my last steps at KK as a single lady.. after this i’ll be Mrs L.. haha..

Pray for us.. pray for Gaza.


cerimanis said...

Barakallah...xsabo nk tgok Encek L...heeee letak la picture skit...heeee

ramlah said...

alamak 26 january..

huhu sy tgh pantang lah time tu inshaAllah..huhu

Barakallahulakuma.. along the way inshaAllah

Nurul Asma' said...

cik ceri: hoho.. biar la ade element surprise sket.. kne sorok en L baru berseri time wed..kih3

Pn Ramlah: xpe, hope selamat bersalin nnt ye..peluk cium baby utk saya.. :)


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