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Thursday, April 22, 2010

kehadapan ummi~

Salam alayk...
Kehadapan Ummi,
anakmu kini sedang sibuk mengulangkaji pelajaran sempena musim peperiksaan akhir yg telah pn menjelang sejak isnin lepas. tp anak mu tak pernah lupa utk jengah2 blog ummi, yg sekarang ni makin cantik! huu... jeles2...

kwn2, bukak2 la blog my mum. baking cakes is her passion, so, mmg blog tu ade gmbr kek je.. well, as far as i know, she is the best baker ever! sebab kdg2, secret recepi pn kalah ngn kek ummi sy.. hee

ade mcm2 bentuk kek ummi, but the one that is remember the most is of course, my pocoyo's cake, which she made during my 21st birthday (after fighting over izzat, who is merengek2 nk kek kartun die jgk! wekk..pdn muke! hehe) which me and izzat share the same day celebrating it.. (izzat's is 30th)
 *tq mum~~ muahh.. :)

me n izzat with pyjamas (mls nk tuka bj, sarung sweater je la..huu)

but still, she still improving her skills by attending monthly classes at JB, which cost mostly RM300+ per class.. adei~ org da suke tu, mmg xkesah nk berbelanja byk mane...huu~

& daddy is very supportive.. he willing to sent mum to that class even he is busy with work. & some times, during hari raya, (which my mum also make biscuits for raya), he will be the driver who sent all the order throughout semenanjung (well, setakat ni, tempahan baru smpi pahang.. blum ke utara lg..huu).. i think, he really proud of my mum's skill & he really plays a good husband to her... *love u dad*

and now, my blog is not a secret anymore, becoz my mum had already read some of my post! ahh! huu~
but never mind, this will keep her updated of wat am I doing far away from Kota Tinggi... *really thanks to internet coz it connect us where ever we are..

& I am the one who taught her to blog.. hee.. ajar online tuuu... she always told me she love to read and write, and some day, she want to publish a novel of her own.. *so, this where i got the gene from..heh*
that's why she want to start blogging.. but, nmpk kat blog byk gmbar je ummi, mne tulisannye?? hehe
xpe, sikit2 nnt ok la tu.. hee~

oreit, hrp2 ummi, abah, izzat & sofi kat uma dpt doakan angah kat sini, sehat, gembira, & dpt jadi anak yg solehah...

i love you all so much...


umiazah said...

Thank u for the writing, love u my dear..study hard ye. Siap kempen dgn member2 lg,malu plk umi..Blog umi tu mmg tgh tema tgk gambo2..hehe.

asma'_comey said...

hee..tq ummi~ doakn angah ye!


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