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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

My Pregnancy Attempt Progress

Assalammualaikum..it's been 4 months since my last post..

and it's been 4 months since our attempt for fertility treatment at LPPKN. so, what happened between that 4 months? ok this is the review~

this first month we are under assessment phase where we husband and wife will be examine physically and chemically (yeke?) to indicate our health status. body weight, blood work, semen analysis, womb scan, etc. these examination were done by the staff nurse there and the scan were done at other facility as no womb scan or to be specific, HSG scan available at LPPKN.

still undergone assessment as my menses came drastically and we have to re-do the assessment all over again.

1st appointment with Doctor. after revealing all the test results, doctor give us treatment options. and 1st treatment were done. what are the treatment? ok basically doc will start on basic fertility drug, which is clomiphene citrate. mine were given clomiphene citrate 100mg OD for 5 days together with Inj Puregon 50iu EOD for 3 days. Puregon contain Follitropin beta that act as FSH hormone in your body. since my body lack of hormones that is essential for follicle development, i were given both clomiphene and follitropin. after that you will be given a date to monitor your follicle development size through trans vaginal scan. the size of follicle must reach certain acceptable size for ovulation to occur, which is around 18mm and above. after several scan and extension of follitropin for another 2 days (which i were given total of 5 follitropin jab), the follicle didn't respond at all. the biggest size were 10mm. so, this cycle treatment consider fail and we were advised to try to conceive naturally (without any further intervention from doctor) and wait for my next cycle to start over a new treatment regimen.

Total Treatment Cost so far: RM983
Average treatment cost per visit: RM200

ok that's all for now. i'll update more on my progress on my other blog. if you interested to know more, just comment below and i'll give you the link of my other blog. :)

till then, bye.


lina said...

Ganbatte asma! May Allah ease everything..

ramlah said...

nak tahu jugak ^_^

Nurul Asma' said...

ok nnt kite pm awk k :)


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