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Sunday, January 9, 2011

no thanks

salam alayk..
skrg kat fb tgk fever main secret-number-i-know-yours-only-and-i-post-something-about-you game. haha, panjang n xcool gile sy bagi name game ni ek..

at first, mcm nmpk annoying btul tgk byk org post2 pasal benda yg kite xtau ape la sbnrnye... but, bila da tau how the game played, br phm..heh...

well, basicly, they will said what they think about you..some find it interesting..but for me, i found it scary!

that's why i didn't, or maybe, never request one..huu

am I thinking too much? maybe, but i take my chances...for now, what they think about me, let just be their own secret.
i know, i had done many bad things to my friends, and myself for sure, back in my past, but i certainly know that i don't deserve to be praise with all those good words from them.. not until now.. lagi2, if it is from the people i hurt the most..

masih ingat, salah seorg teman baik saya, xbertegur sapa dengan saya, berbulan lamanya, because he felt very hurt inside, when he cannot do anything about it, and he said it was too late for him to realize it. sedih kan?
see, how i made them worried about me.
still, am i really deserve a friend like that?

guys, you are too good for me, yet, you're still there for me. treating me likei haven't done anything wrong...

scary bila fikir ada org akan post psl sy kat fb, walau sy seorg je akan tau tu no sy..
so, lets just be your own secret k...
but you know guys, you are really a good friends to me, really, like i don't deserve any of you..
i'm really grateful that you are there, always, for me, even though you never mention your existent verbally to me.

vid ni m3 post kat fb, and sy automatically suke gile vid ni..haha..enjoy...

owh ya, sy 'tag' vid ni kat penulis penselmerahjambu.blogspot


eLeA haNnAj said...

sam tsui!!!!!!!!he's cute*angin gedik tetibe dtg*
aku pon suke vid nih..haha
apsal ek kite asek suke menda yg sama..hehe:)

neway,i'm proud to hv u as my friend..even dlu kite slalu gak gado2..hehe:)besela,budak2 x matang..hehe:p

asma' said...

aku suke cristina..she's more cute n like her voice too..
well,kite mmg hmpr same jgk, that's y dulu suke gaduh2..haha..thnks fren..~~

amirah said...

oh, sangat suka lagu ni and this is one of my favourite covers for the song.
well asma', you deserve for whatever yours in life :) dont be too hard on yourself okay dear. the past is where we learn for a better self. xoxo


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