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Monday, December 6, 2010


how can i resist from not looking at you?

everywhere i go, you will shine up bright,
making my eyes will keep searching for you.

and every time i looked at you, my heart ache ,
and frustrated,

because i can't do more that just look at you from far behind.
 i can't even protect you from being sad, or hurt

these just making me feel more worthless

please tell me, how can i just shut my eyes from the bright of your shine?
it's too painful to look again

can i ask you something?

have u ever looked at me?
have you notice that i was and always there?

i guess not..
because i knew
that your shine keep blocking your eyes

from looking at a person, like me


asma' was rambling about something that not even fully understood by her.. just bare with it for a while k, bile dah mood dia ok, nnt ok la..

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