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Daisypath Friendship tickers


Sunday, November 29, 2009


happy birthday dearest.

you are one of the best things had ever happened in my life. ;)

this is the best thing that i can think of for your birthday this year i.e. make the youtube box in pink. kalau bukan bday post utk kau jangan harap aku nak buat kaler pink.
sorry, no bears or cards like before mok! aku tak sempat nak buat pape tibe2 da birthday kau. ahahaha so yeah, selamat hari lahir, 21 tahun dah.
may whatever your wishes are will happen for real.
timekasih for being such a friend. everybody should be jealous because i have you this way, not like the way they have you. heheheh
*sorry if this post sounds sooo gay. but i really mean it.*

happy 21st birthday gemok!

"whatever with the past is gone,

the best is always yet to come."


Anonymous said...

salam...asma', best wishes. don't worry raiz i used to and still envy the closeness u have together. All the best in life. Keep up the friendship and maybe, just maybe, you can take a minute to remember me. you all are the best part of my school years. - a wannabe interloper.

asma'_comey said...

i'm speechless.. really..

amirah said...

and who are you dear anon? how do i remember you as anonymous ;)


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