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Monday, June 25, 2012

Do and Don't


sudah hampir setahun sy bekerja... skrg buzy utk submit report latihan (atau log book) dan siapkan project latihan (same mcm FYP). dan sedang sibuk memikirkan dimana akan ditempatkan selepas ini...

pernah tak anda terfikir utk buat jahat? mesti pernah kan (I do :-( )...

doing bad things, even it is fun and you like it, doesn't mean it's a right thing. yeah, you will feel the fun for now, but you will regret it later, especially those things that can effect your future life.

and have you ever feel difficult to start doing good things? i do (again, it's me)...

good thing is difficult, but when you start to do it, you may find it calming and soothing your inner self (soul)

so, here is a simple tips i've learnt from someone (doesn't remember who..huu), to avoid doing bad things and to start doing good things easily..

it's simple, if you feel like doing bad thing, DELAY it.. say "hurm, can i do it after work" and when it comes that 'after work', you may find no enthusiasm to do it...or if you feel like doing it again, delay it...the point is to delay your action to do it.. beside, bad things only count when you do it, not when you wish to do it, right?..

and, when it comes to good things, DON'T DELAY it! EVER!!! coz, good things only flash a moment in your head before it been contaminate by syaitan's temptation to do not do it.. so, what ever comes in your mind to do something good, like you what to solat early in time, zoom your self to take wudu' and start praying, don't think too much about "where to perform your prayer", or "i don't have a proper cloth to wear" and so on..coz when you think and think, your mind tend to find reasons to do it, and there comes a lots of negatives thought about that good actions. and we all know that even a wish to do good count, so be your action will be rewarded doubles or triples, right?

point to take home:

Please remind me if I forget. Let us built a new 'we' before entering Ramadhan...
Love you guys..

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